Gluten-Free Crepes

The Benefit of Gluten-Free Crepes

The first crepes, those made in France where the crepe was invented, were made with wheat flour, like just about every breaded and cake related food out there. However, many types of food have replaced wheat flour in recent years, due primarily to the eating public’s sensitivities to gluten, which is prevalent in wheat flour.

Crepes are no different and one of the best substitutes has been rice flour, as used by Japanese crepe chefs, who have taken their unique skills to crepe establishments around the world. Not only does this allow those with gluten sensitivities and full blown celiac problems to eat crepes without fear of getting sick. It also allows everyone else who doesn’t care much about gluten to eat crepes without feeling bloated, like they would after eating a lot of wheat flour. And finally, gluten-free crepes might actually taste better when made by the right chefs of course.

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