Japanese Crepes

What are Japanese Crepes?

As their name suggests, Japanese crepes are crepes from Japan. Their location is specified to differentiate them from the original crepe location of France, where the thin pancake was first invented and popularized. However, Japanese crepes are unique for a number of reasons. First and most notably, Japanese crepes use rice flour, due to the lack of wheat flour available in Japan itself. The result is a very thin, light dough that is considered incredibly delicious as well as healthy on a number of fronts. Not only is it lighter, but people who have gluten sensitivities can eat it because it is gluten-free.

Japanese crepes are also different from the classic French crepe because they take the fillings and toppings to the extreme in many respects. Dessert versions of the crepes will have a myriad of other sweet toppings, making them a delight to see made and consume. However, the savory crepes meant to make a meal are loaded with Japanese style proteins like chicken teriyaki and short rib, making them somewhere between a crepe and a burrito.

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