Nutella Crepes

What are Nutella Crepes?

To many outside of Europe, Nutella crepes may sound like a strange band name or book title; but it’s actually a delicious dessert using one of the favorite toppings in the world. Nutella is a spreadable chocolate mixture that comes in a container similar to that of peanut butter. While it was initially only really popular in Europe, it’s popularity has exploded over the years to incorporate people around the world obsessing over it and spreading it on virtually everything.

As the name suggests, Nutella crepes entail spreading this chocolate spread on these thin pieces of pancake and either eating them as is or adding other topping to the sticky brown surface, like fruit or powdered sugar. The truth is, most sweet things taste great with Nutella so it’s tough to really go wrong. But it’s the quality of the crepe itself that will make all the difference.

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