Savory Crepes

Sweet vs. Savory Crepes

The fascinating thing about crepes is that they can be used in two different ways in terms of taste: sweet and savory. A thin pancake the crepe itself is a food that falls squarely in the middle of the two tastes—this is not to say a crepe is not flavorful, but it doesn’t steer your tastes one way or the other.

While sweet crepes are the obvious choice initially, due to the crepes similarity to a pancake, there are also a number of savory crepe options that can be had which include proteins like steak and chicken, spicy sauces, vegetables and various other non-dessert related foods. These savory crepes can make an ordinary pancake into a full meal for someone—which can then, of course, be followed up with a delicious sweet crepe to finish everything off. Of course, the secret to all of this is the quality of the crepe itself, as it’s the foundation for whichever direction you choose to go with your crepe experience.

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