What to Know about T-Swirl Crepe

When it comes to crepes, few places make them better than the company known as T-Swirl. They have multiple locations around North America, from Mississauga, Ontario to Frisco, Texas to Manhattan in New York City. They make Japanese crepes with all types of filling options in them and also use only rice flour, making them one hundred percent gluten free, which is a tremendous bonus for all the gluten-minded people out there in the world today.

They also make artistic and trendy crepes, ranging between dessert crepes filled with fruits, sugar and chocolate to crepes that are more of a meal, containing things like salad, chicken teriyaki and bacon. In truth, just about anything can be put into a crepe and made into a delicious combination, especially when it is made by some of the premiere crepe chefs in the world. So look up if a T-Swirl location is close to you and go immediately.

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